Suzuki Flute Studio

Because of the COVID-19 situation, all lessons are currently being conducted virtually. 

Welcome to the Greensboro Suzuki Flute Studio web site!

This flute studio is located in Greensboro NC, opened in 2020.  My mission is to contribute to this beautiful triad community through playing music and teaching flute to children and adults.

Have you thought:

"My child is interested in music, maybe she/he can play flute as their instrument?" 

“I have had flute lessons, but I am still not convinced that I have achieved my best.”

If so, I can help you. Please visit me for a free trial lesson.

If you are feeling:

I was just looking for a flute teacher for my son/daughter!

I want to improve my flute playing!

I want to join a band/orchestra as a flutist.
I played the flute before, but I want to start playing it again!

This is a great chance to start learning how to play the flute with correct techniques, cultivate your or your child's musicianship by the wonderful philosophy of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki.  An essential component of the Suzuki philosophy is to create a positive environment for learning music and fostering character. Suzuki teachers believe in "Every Child Can" -musical ability can be developed in ALL children. Please read here for more information about Dr. Suzuki's philosophy. 

At our lessons, I'll be implementing Suzuki Methods primarily for the younger students (approximately under age 13) which is the most effective approach. For the older students and adults, we'll be using traditional methods with the spirit of the Suzuki methods. 

If you are a current flute player, have you experienced these problems?

Why is my sound airy and dry?
My sound is small and covered. 

It is difficult for me to play low (or high) notes.
My fingers can not move fast enough to play the fast passage of the song.
How can I do tonguing (single, double, triple) without squishing my tone?

How do I control my vibratos? 
When I play for a long period of time, a part of my body ( shoulder, arm, wrist, finger, lips, etc) starts to hurt.
When I try to change dynamics (piano, forte, etc.), intonation problem occurs.
My breath does not last long.
I think I play the flute pretty good, but I am not sure how to improve.

I can help you fix these problems. These issues derive NOT from only one aspect, but usually combined aspects of followings:

• Body posture
• Your way of holding the flute
• Embouchure
• Breathing methods
• Air stream in your body
• Your image and mindset of “beautiful tone” and “ sound creation”


In my 35 years of flute life, I met thousands of flute players from many different countries. But unfortunately, I see a large number of flute players that have some sound/technical issues that are interfering their musical expressions in some way.  Tone development is the first priority in our lessons. Commitment to tone development reflects the character of the musician. “Beautiful tone, beautiful heart”.–Shinichi Suzuki

At our lessons, we are going to work together for you to obtain the most beautiful and flexible flute sound. We will work on developing accurate techniques through approaching the above listed points through effective training. We will have plenty of enrichment opportunities including recitals, group lessons, ensembles, chamber music, audition preparations etc. which will help each student fully develop their musicianship.  

We will definitely enhance your successful and enjoyable flute playing! 

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.

- Plato